British Sea Power makes me looney



Well more looney than usual, ok?  Confession time.  At one point I was so addicted to “The Decline of British Sea Power” that I would have to force myself to listen to something else before my head would go to mush.  You see some of those songs are so catchy that my mind would keep them on repeat long after the music stopped.   Trust me, I had no control over it.

…and I’ve been waiting for new addictive tunage ever since!!  They’ve kept us in the loop with them recording over here (in the U.S.) and playing an occassional gig or two.  Just like a good dealer – just enough info to keep us interested.  Now they get ready to offer up an EP while we CONTINUE TO WAIT for their full length. 

Sweet mercy, release it already!!

Do they have any idea what they are doing to me?

In the meantime, they have posted the lead track from “Krankenhaus?” on their mySpace page.  We can all download (yes, download only) the EP next week. 

So there is a little hope.

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