Insprial Carpets make some noise


Came across a few tidbits on the Inspiral Carpets this week.  Funny how mulitple mentions of obscure bands appear, isn’t it?  First I was surprised to see their name appear in an online newspaper I was browsing.  I hadn’t even thought of these guys in ages other than when I look through my older CDs.  It mentioned that they’ll be gigging across the UK, but that won’t take place until next spring.  Seems a long time to announce gigs, but I guess there’s nothing better than getting the word out early.

According to XFM, they’re dusting off their record label Cow Records.  Could mean new material in the making.  They released a collection of b-sides called “Keep the Circle” earlier this year.  And in related items, you may recall the connection the band has with Oasis (Noel was their roadie for a time).  Seems that Oasis is currently using Clint Boon’s Farfisa organ while they are in the studio recording new material.  Interesting.

If you’re curious about it, Boon talks about his decision to go with that unique sound at the end of this interview.

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