Pistol-packin’ reissues


NME’s campaign to catapult the Sex Pistols to Number 1 reaches critical mass as “God Saves the Queen” hits stores today.  The Pistols are everywhere and demand seems pretty high.  What I’m especially excited about is that no one pistols.jpgseems to bring up Sid.  What was so great about having him on your t-shirt?  I never understood.  It just seemed to me that Sid wasn’t all that punk – he just had the appropriate wardrobe.

Now don’t go comparing him to our fav lost boy, Pete.  Even if you loathe him you know he has more talent in his pinky than Sid could have imagined.

So, I’ll be keeping a watch on the UK chart buzz.  I would think it will happen, but I’m not sure how many copies would send them to the top spot.  From a collector’s standpoint, I’d say they’re doing an excellent job with packaging and promotion as they have re-created the artwork:  standard black ‘Anarchy In The UK’, Queen’s head of ‘God Save The Queen’, the smashed picture frame of ‘Pretty Vacant’ and cartoon-look of ‘Holidays In The Sun’.  One single released each week beginning last week.  The album re-release the end of October marks the 30th anniversary as it was originally out October 28th 1977.

Some of the people backing NME’s campaign are Ian Brown, Dave Grohl and Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian.


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