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By now we have heard enough about Anton Corbijn’s tribute to Joy Division singer, Ian Curtis, to know that the movie is simply an interpretation of a snapshot in Corbijn’s mind.  It’s not all based on research and fact.  I’ve not had the opportunity to read Deborah Curtis’ book, Touching From A Distance, but it clearly seems that her openness about the lead singer’s afflictions is more real than what we’ll see from the movie version.

For true fans the test will be the feeling and tone the movie will establish.  And that will be accomplished through the brilliant music of Joy Division.  Not living on the coast, I’m not exactly sure when I will have an opportunity to view the film (as of right now the area arts theaters have not added it to their ‘coming soon’ lists).  So I’ve been scouring blogs and online newspapers for glimpses of additional information.  You might find some of it interesting:

  • From the eyes of his daughter

Most intriguing is a piece in this weekend’s Guradian by Ian Curtis’ daughter, Natalie.  She was a mere one-year-old when her father passed.   Not only does she discuss the uncomfortable feelings in watching some parts of the movie, but she also reveals her dislike of the dodgy dipiction of the Mancunian streets.  So much of the music and artists I like come from areas devoid of color and beauty from which they chose to either reject or reflect in their music.  Her take on the film is worth a read.

  • Band members recall

The Independent printed an article by Jon Savage, who has worked on a Joy Division documentary that will be out in the upcoming months.  This is from the band member’s perspective as Morris and Sumner contribute.

  • It all comes down to the music

There’s also been talk about the soundtrack.  I think many of us were a little surprised to see The Killers listed.  There are two versions posted on YouTube – the studio version (which I believe will be played during credits – not sure if that will be opening or closing) and the Killers playing live at the NME awards.

  • Fans and friends

In a related note, it’s nice to see the widespread fanbase the band has right here, right now.  Artist Steve McGarry has a unique take on comics and pop culture.  He’s a syndicated artist and will have a Joy Division version of his comic “Biographic” out on October 14 at  McGarry is a Manchester native and started his graphics career designing the band’s sleeve for their first single, “An Ideal for Living” – here’s more info about him.


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