Light + Trees = Peace?


I’m not sold on the idea of Yoko’s tribute to John Lennon.  It’s nice, but c’mon, does it really promote peace?  To coincide with Lennon’s birthday she will be onhand in Reykjavik, Iceland to unveil the tower.  I would have thought by now there would be some photos of the event or the tower, but I could only find what is probably a rendering and a small photo of the postcards where you can share your own thoughts for the capsules. 

While a fitting installation to pay tribute to the first Beatle to pass on, I still say it’s just art.  This won’t make any leaders stand up and take notice or change opinions.  It’s sort of like Yoko herself.  She is what she is.  I met her once (in the late 80s) while she was promoting a travelling exhibition.  It was a series of modern, participatory art pieces that were re-created from the time period she had met John.  She wasn’t nearly as daunting or stand-offish as I thought she might be.  She actually smiled and laughed with us.  I can admire her fortitude without agreeing with her.

I just think this tower should be promoted for what it is, a creative tribute to a musical legend and nothing more.

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