Stunning timing for Princess Di inquest


You may have heard there is an inquest into the death of Princess Diana taking place.  The jury is on a ‘field trip’ of sorts to actually visit the locations Diana visited in her last few hours examining what let up to the crash/incident.  I’m not sure how their experience could have in any way been more relevant than literally being in a episode of Pushing Daisies.

With an exorbitant number of police officers (500) around to insure safety while touring the streets of Paris, The Telegraph reports the coach carrying the group was involved in two minor fender-benders.  And in what might be considered the most bizarre coincidence one might imagine, Victoria Beckham just happens to be in the area.  It sounds as though the inquest at first thought it might have been pre-arranged, but no – Victoria had just wrapped up a shoot and there were about 50 paps following her to her car. 

Can you imagine? 


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