In Rain_Bows reviews – can u handle it?


First place I checked out this morning is Stereogum for one of Scott’s ‘premature evaluations’ – sure enough he’s blogging about In Rainbows.  With a slew of comments from the cool indie kids, you can check out the early concensus.  Also, LAist blogged about the album track by track – they even rated each song.   Who won’t be doing that today?

I’m more interested in the possible aftershocks this delivery method will bring.  There will be an actual disc, too, so the hype is a bit bigger than the real situation.  But it’s certainly made the top of everyone’s list to discuss.  I think the real test comes with the next few artists who will alter the delivery method(s) until we all find something that works.  Don’t believe this will be quite the overnite sensation the press is making it out to be.  We still have several hurdles to jump and some will fall flat in their attempt.

Back to In Rainbows – I’m wavering whether I’ll breakdown and buy it.  Going to email one of my friends for his take on it, but I bet I’ll cave.


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