New Beatles exhibit at the Rock Hall



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced a new exhibit beginning next month centering on The Beatles’ film, HELP!   Sounds like a fun little exhibit and another rare opportunity to see some personal items including George’s script.  What a fun, silly movie; it was a great snapshot of the band in their early days.  This was the band’s second movie; made in 1965.  Vintage, we’d call it now.  The exhibit also coincides with the release on the movie on DVD.

I remember watching this on TV several years after its release.  One of the local stations ran movies mid to late afternoon, right around the time we’d get home from school.  They usually had theme weeks:  monster week, Elvis week, Godzilla week, etc.  Maybe every week wasn’t a theme, but that’s what sticks in my mind. 

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the “Stop Worrying!” phrase before, but as I decided to take a peek at fansites for the movie I found one with this as it’s name.  So many Beatles websites, so little time.  Stop Worrying: A Tribute to Help! has collected a lot of good info.  I’m sure there are many more lurking about on the ‘net.  Here is a resource guide if you’d like to do a little more Beatles’ surfing.


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