File Under: Odd bedfellows – Doherty, Gallagher, McCartney



As in Pete, Liam and Paul.  A couple of notes from Guardian Unlimited are worth your attention.  Let’s start off with that outrageous Liam Gallagher.  Seems his off-the-cuff remarks he’s so famous for have ranked him in Britain’s Top 10 Wit List made up of 3000 responses by comedy fans.  It’s a bit surprising at first, but when you think about the sheer number of memorable quotes…yeah, it makes sense to include Liam.  Oscar Wilde garnered the top spot and one of my favs, Noel Coward, made the list as well. 

Next, is a podcast containing Peter and Paul (shown above).  Actually Peter is interviewing Paul…it just gets better and better, doesn’t it?  Check out the podcast here (it’s just under 40 minutes long).  I’m not quite halfway thru…lots of other goodies on this edition with scoop on the behind-the-scenes of the Peel Sessions; short interview with Moloko singer, Roisin Murphy; and tracks from The Wombats (one of Resurrection Neon’s Featured Bands last week) and Cerys Matthews are reviewed. 


Edit:  I’ve made it to the Doherty/McCartney interview.  Funny how they really do have a lot in common.  (interview starts about 28:48 in)


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