Late Night TV scoop


Lots of news circulating in the world of late night TV recently.  The not so surprising news involves Leno and Conan.  No bad blood per se, but sources say Leno does not want to retire when his contract is up in 2009.  “The Tonight Show” gig has already been slotted to be taken over by Conan at that time.  It sounds as though the tension is showing between NBC and Leno already.  Wow, this is about as early as the 2008 Presidential campaign!

I think either way Jay will make out just fine.  Many of his viewers would go with him if he jumped to another network.  And I’m sure that scares NBC.  They thought they were brilliant locking in Conan ahead of schedule.  Who knows, we may find more options in late night TV by the time this all works itself out. 

Kimmel is right in the middle of the action, too.  Networks may not be fighting over him, but he is in demand.  “Live with Regis and Kelly” has asked the TV host to sub for Reg in NY next week.  He will, but he’ll still tape his LA-based late night show as well.  Sure he’ll be exhausted, but it sounds like Jimmy is pretty stoked about it.  Now, if the PR wheels are turning, a smart energy drink company will sponsor the shows!  Also, if you know any funny college students you might point them to this “Jimmy Kimmel Live” competition.

Have you noticed the lack of good bands playing late night lately?  Ok, so maybe it’s just Letterman’s crew that’s dropping the ball.  Well, if you get the op to make a late show appearance you might want to familiarize yourself with the ‘rules‘.  You can thank me later.  😉


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