Indie: what’s next?


A couple of questions have hit me about “indie” music. 

1)  How much longer do we have to continue to use the word in its current context?  I’ll confess I’ve never become comfortable with the word since it moved from classifying those strictly on an independent label.  I prefer “modern rock” to list my favorite genre of music.  Even “alternative” doesn’t get used as much in today’s press.  Everything’s “indie”.

Idolator has a sweet entry which confronts this issue at one of the CMJ panels this week.

2)  Is our propensity toward preferring tracks as opposed to albums in full going to affect live music?  I’m about 90% percent sure that live music will always remain the most important aspect of any artist’s career.  But when you look to see the increased pricing for mainstream concerts and factor in that radio plays a smaller and smaller role informing casual listeners about gigs it really makes me ponder this.

Again, an article indie-focused, this time from the New Yorker.  The writer was commenting about lack of soul…but this particular comment about being at a concert (Arcade Fire I believe) struck me:

At the United Palace, even though the music was surging in all the right places, I was weary after six songs. My friend asked me, “Do they play everything in the same end-of-the-world style?”

PS – I had a good chuckle at 1990s frontman’s distinction between ‘indie bands’ and ‘proper bands’!!! 


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