Download exclusives not to be missed


I don’t know about you, but I think new music helps to ease the pain of a Monday.  So here are a couple to give you that Britpop fix that I know you could use.

After much talk, the new Charlatans track is available via Xfm.  “You Cross My Path” is a solid track.  I enjoyed from the get-go, but I have to warn you that their signature sound can’t be found here.  Just give it to the chorus…I think they’ll get you with the hook.  I can totally imagine them playing the track live, but the question will be whether they have let go of the swirling organ sounds for good.

Xfm has posted excerpts from an interview with Alan McGee and Tim Burgess.  (FYI -it’s not one continuous track, but rather several snippets.)  Speaking of snippets….Tim, if you’re out there:  get a grip on all the MySpace bulletins you’re sending out.  After looking at my bulletins from the weekend you took up 8 out of 10 of my recent bulletings.  I luv ya, but: Stop. It. Already.

Now for the exclusive Britpop fans have been salivating for – THE VERVE

NME has posted “The Thaw Session” which is one of the first sessions the band recorded to get back in the swing of things.  Keep in mind this is a demo.  To boot it’s a 14-minute haunting jam; don’t be looking for any real song structure here.  Here is a little bit more info on the session if you’re interested.


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