Libertines: 5 years on


It was five years ago this month The Libertine’s debut album, Up the Bracket, was released!  Sweetness all around.  There are times you give something new a listen and it hits you right away.  That’s exactly how I felt with this album.  I knew there was some buzz and that a former Clash member produced the album, but that was about it.  Little did we know they were an electric shooting star. 

Let’s celebrate the anniversary with some goodies.  NME has posted a photo gallery with some rarities.  [Many of these shots were taken by Andrew Kendall, who has introduced me to plenty of new UK bands over the last 5 years.]  And let’s not forget that for one brief, shining moment Pete & Carl reunited earlier this year!!

Time For Heroes will be out next week in the UK and early December here in the US.  It’s a greatest hits set.  Their MySpace has the tracklisting set up in the player, so feel free to give it a listen today.  I would love it if they could get some rare tracks together for release or live recordings…anything really.  I’m happy Carl & Pete are still playing, but there will always be something extra special about The Libertines. 

Reminder:  Shotter’s Nation is released in the US today (Oct. 23, 2007).

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