Scottish album poll


I’d say it’s Scottish theme day what with the posting on Emma Pollack and now this list of “Worst Scottish Records” but if you know me, you know that most days have a wee bit of a Scots’ theme!  😉

A couple of guys started a site to spur the debate of great and not-so-great music hailing from Scotland.  The site is called Jock ‘n’ Roll and it’s full of fun info and stats.  The media has picked up on the results of the ‘Worst’ list and I’m more than surprised with the ‘Scream’s latest coming in at #10.  Huh.  Anyway, here’s the list as voted by parties interested enough to cast a vote:

1 Texas – White on Blonde (1997)
2 Wet Wet Wet – Popped In, Souled Out (1987)
3 Sheena Easton – Fabulous (2000)
4 The Fratellis – Costello Music (2006)
5 Sandi Thom – Smile…It Confuses People (2006)
6 Deacon Blue – Raintown (1987)
7 Michelle (McManus) – The Meaning of Love (2004)*
8 Wet Wet Wet – Picture This (1995)
9 The Proclaimers – Sunshine on Leith (1988)
10 Primal Scream – Riot City Blues (2006)

If you have time you really should check out their site guide.  They list and explain who they consider and don’t consider Scottish…it’s so funny!  They’ll keep you on your toes.  For instance, The Eurythmics don’t count on the chart due to only one member being from Scotland.  Snow Patrol doesn’t count either – as they put it “they couldn’t be any more Irish if they were Guinness”.  But Franz Ferdinand does count because…well, they just do! 


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