Porter Wagoner, R.I.P.



Another country legend passes right along with the traditional music format.  Not only did Wagoner have an enviable career, but this year was special for several reasons.  In May he was honored with a celebration marking both his 80th birthday and 50 years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.  In June he released his first new material in about 20 years.

As pictured above, Marty Stuart hosted the Grand Ole Opry event.  Thankfully there are still people out there like Marty trying to keep the spirit of the genre alive.   He brought a song to the attention of Wagoner which sparked what would be his last album, Wagonmaster.  The song “Committed to Parkview” was written for Porter by Johnny Cash.  The album was recieved with critical acclaim and I imagine it will see a surge in sales over the next few weeks.  I know it didn’t make it onto my list (mainly because I didn’t realize Marty was so closely associated with the project). 

This is what The Tennessean posted on their site about the legendary musician.


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