Hope for pop music?


It seems as though there is a small glimmer of hope for the world of Pop.  Two major labels are feeling frustrated with their divas (Jive/Britney) and (Sony BMG/J-Lo).  Jive can’t get Brit-Brit to promote her new album.  And it’s costing Sony/BMG more moola than it’s worth to keep Lopez happy while she’s promoting hers. 

Factor in losing those high-end artists to internet deals (like Madonna) and maybe, just maybe the labels will start to nurture some young talent.  I know that’s asking a lot, but something’s gotta give.

One person who has seen the light is pop-God, Robbie Williams.  It’s been rumored for a few months that we would finally see Robbie patch things up with former collaborator, Guy Chambers, and make some more great music.  With a talk from Kylie (and maybe a touch of pixie dust), the two seem to have put the past behind them.  I cannot wait for some new Williams/Chambers-pennned tunes!


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  1. Williams was an idiot to get the strop with Chambers, any foolknows you dont mess with a winning formula.

    Pop will never have a future as long as wonderful artists like Owsley are ignored by the mass media, and therefore denied to the general public .

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