No winners here


I’ll admit it’s not big news, but interesting to see some major changes come down from the networks – and we’re not talking cancelling any new shows…

Remember when NBC touted “Heroes: Origins” over the summer?  Well, looks like it’s gone from the ’08 lineup.  Supposedly this was going to involve some viewer interaction and keep folks engaged with the Heroes franchise in place of re-runs. 

The network is saying it’s on-hold, but Heroes is one of those series in which more people are watching on playback than live broadcast.  One has to wonder if this along with a little frustration by this season’s storyline by fans has more to do with the decision than the potential writer’s strike.

A true franchise that’s on the downhill slide is “The Apprentice“.  They are following thru on their threat to introduce “Celebrity Apprentice” in the new year.  The name alone is lame and when you see that several ‘celebs’ come from martial arts, boxing and wrestling worlds….well, you see how that’s going to entice viewership (check here for the leaked list of celebs). 

They are trying to spice things up by getting ‘Mad Money’ man, Jim Cramer to inject a little chaos.  But his participation will be limited.  The only potential I see for ratings is an episode where Gene Simmons and Omarosa compete against one another.


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