What happened to…


I saw a name recently that harkened me back to the 90s…Cerys Matthews.  Wow, I thought…I haven’t heard that name in a long time.  She has new material out that you might want to check out. 

This also made me curious about some other artists that I haven’t heard about in a long time.  Both Tonya Donnelly and Nina Gordon had released albums last year.  Juliana Hatfield put out an ep this year.    

Not sure why the articles on Nina and Tonya are dated this year…someone slipped up, but good info nonetheless.   I also dug up a couple articles featuring Britpop bands.  This one has a handy list of links to their websites, too.  Just last month The Guardian put together a nice piece on all the reunion shows from that era and talk to band members about why they want to re-group. 

Good stuff.


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