Duran Duran’s Red Carpet Massacre


Uh, what happened to Duran Duran?  Anyone who knows me will tell you I go with the flow and don’t mind change.  One of my favorite bands, Primal Scream, has never put out an album that wasn’t completely different from the last…but I’m a little stumped by Duran Duran’s new incarnation.

Talk and speculation over the past year was all about the band working with Timbaland and Timberlake.  Not the first time an established band has recruited modern day hipsters to help make them more relevant.  Nothing wrong with that.  And the concept of previewing new material with performances on Broadway prior to the album release is just south of brilliant. 


 Playbill and every other media outlet wants you to think this is the Duran Duran you’ll be seeing


when in fact, here’s the reality

Do people really want to see a tribute to Kraftwerk or Can?  Hmm…I know they have a rabid fanbase, so as long as they’re happy that’s what counts I suppose. 

Regardless, I’m off to check out Red Carpet Massacre streaming at The Leak.


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