Pete admits and re-admits


Our boy Pete Doherty admitted that the recent footage taken from a mobile phone shortly after arriving back from the MTV Europe awards was the real deal.  Now I know all the publicity Pete gets annoys many.  But of all the sad celebs out there who I could care less about, Doherty is a genuine guy who is struggling & I feel for him.

Think about it, would you want your label to have to comment something like this for you?

 “Peter Doherty would like to apologise to the medical staff, fans and well-wishers who have helped and encouraged his progress in fighting his addiction to heroin.”

I think he feels as badly that he let others down as he did himself.  That may be part of the root of the problem.  We all know he’s had plenty of hangers-on in the past.  I hope that has diminished.  From this Guardian article it sounds as though he has proper support from his bandmates.  Supposedly he’ll be spending his weekend in rehab…stay tuned.


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