Morrissey in ’08


Nah…he’s not running for office.  But prepare for more Morrissey in 2008 – Moz isn’t going to take much time off between projects.  Lucky us.  In fact, a tidbit from Xfm claims he mentioned touring the usual places as well as “off the beaten track”. 

I’m not sure what he means by that, but looking forward to seeing what he’ll have for us next year.   It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him & I think I’ll have to make an effort to see him on this upcoming tour. 

You know with all the reunions from 80s bands in particular this year and plans for more, I have to admire the fact that we probably won’t be seeing a Smiths reunion.  It’s too bad, but I think it’s appropriate to keep in tact how we all felt about the band.

In related Morrissey news, a video installation featuring people from around the world singing Smiths songs is on exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art through early next year.  It is artist Phil Collins’ idea (former Turner Prize finalist).  He sounds like he’s as nutty as musician Phil Collins…guess he put on these spontaneous Smiths parties wherever he was to gather this footage.  Now that is dedication.

Here’s a clip of the project.


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