The Clash lives on


Being a Clash/Joe Strummer fan, I’m SO excited to see The Future is Unwritten this weekend!  I doubt I will ever be able to pinpoint what it was about the band that struck such a chord with me as a teen.  It never felt like rebellion, but rather like something you could hold onto.  And in college I found some folks who also admired the band…they’ve just been a part of my atmosphere this whole time. 

More Clash-related news – there is a very good podcast from The Times Online that begs to be heard.  Tony James and Mick Jones talk history, friends, family, tv remotes…and music. 

You know how so many Americans complain about British accents?  I think Mick Jones is one of the very, very few British musicians that I have to listen to a few times to make out exactly what he’s saying. 

Good stuff.  🙂


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