Rough Trade’s year-end list


I noticed this weekend that Rock Sellout had posted Rough Trade’s Best of 2007 album list.  Still working on mine, but have several more that need to be listened to again or for the very first time.  My lists are always radically different than the printed lists.  They aren’t mainstream, but my favs tend to wander from the mainline indie fare.

Here’s how Rough Trade has them lined up:

  1. Panda Bear – “Person Pitch”
  2. Patrick Watson – “Close to Paradise”
  3. Alela Diane – “The Pirates Gospel”
  4. Studio – “West Coast”
  5. Miracle Fortress – “Five Roses”
  6. Burial – “Untrue”
  7. LCD Soundsystem – “Sound of Silver”
  8. Wooden Shjips – s/t
  9. M.I.A. – “Kala”
  10. Battles – “Mirrored”

Coincidentally, Wooden Shjips is my first Featured Band of the week – so check them out.  Also, you may be interested in this Rough Trade offer – buy any of their Top 10 albums from the list and you’ll automatically get free membership to their Album Club.  Sweet deal.


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