Battle of the Rock Parks


Have you heard about Hard Rock’s amusement park venture in Myrtle Beach, SC?  The folks that brought us the cafe-chain broke ground on the rock ‘n’ roll theme park last year.  It’s set to open this spring.  Things are moving at pace for the official opening.  In fact this week alone they are offering sneak peek tours and have unveiled their mascots at an amusement park expo.

Get this – there is another ‘rival’ park on the design board in Arizona (named Decades).  Hard Rock’s marketing folks are dismissing it and I can’t blame them.  I don’t know anything about the backers of the AZ project, but it would be hard to mess with the knowledge and success of the Hard Rock franchise. 

Here’s a breakdown:

Hard Rock Park

Where: Myrtle Beach
Acres: 55-acre park on 140 acres
Cost: $400 million
Opening: April

Decades Music Theme ParkWhere: Eloy, Ariz.
Acres: 120-acre park on 300 acres
Cost: $800 million
Opening: 2012, if approved

The South Carolina park sounds like a blast.  Some of the attractions include a Zeppelin rollercoaster, punk vs. disco bumper cars, and a “dark ride” using the “Nights in White Satin” as a theme incorporating sound and smell.   That reminds me of the Peter Gabriel experience – remember the music motion ride that he incorporated “Kiss That Frog” with?

I’m thinking road trip to SC next year.


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