Seven Ages of Rock


A new press release is announcing a VH-1 Classic/BBC co-production entitled, “Seven Ages of Rock” to air in December.   It mentions the program will be narrated by Dennis Hopper.  Strange because Vh1’s press release that’s on their site claims to be narrated by original MTV VJ, Mark Goodman.  Wonder why the change?

Since it has already aired in the UK, there is a breakdown revealing just what the ‘Seven Ages’ are from Wikipedia:

Title Genre Main artist(s)
1 The Birth of Rock Blues Rock Jimi Hendrix
2 White Light, White Heat Art Rock Pink Floyd
3 Blank Generation Punk Rock Sex Pistols
4 Never Say Die Heavy Metal Black Sabbath
5 We Are the Champions Stadium Rock Queen,
Bruce Springsteen
6 Left Of The Dial US Alternative Rock Nirvana
7 What The World Is Waiting For British Indie Rock Oasis

What I fear is that since we will have an American narration, they may change and American-ize the last segment.  What are they going to say…that the U.S. is gleefully waiting for more Fall Out Boy?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed the version we’ll see next month stays true to the original.

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  1. Number 7 is one to avoid! How long is each programme? While the Gallaghers could probably talk for a year about how great they (think) they are, I would imagine a nanosecond is too much time to fill with their talent

  2. If it sticks to the original program, the first 6 will be an hour long each and 7 will be 90 minutes. I hope they stay more focused on Brit bands. If they do, they’ll be more focused on bands like The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys.

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