What makes ‘Quarterlife’ unique


While most of the internet buzz on business models is usually focused on the music industry, the web series “Quarterlife” is also leading a mini-revolution in the world of television.  It’s just been announced late last week (though the deal was signed even before the WGA strike) that NBC will pick up the series early next year.

It’s not that a TV network has chosen to air a series started on the ‘net.  It’s the agreement that could open future doors.  The web series was developed by Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick who will wholly own and control the franchise.  These guys have a solid track record in the industry, but that doesn’t always assure success.  They are brancing into new territory.

According to the LA Times, network execs saved a bundle on the project as it wasn’t necessary to go through development – Herskovitz and Zwick had alreay done the work on the net.  MySpaceTV reports over 300,000 views.  Along with the network deal, a social networking site will be more developed as well.  


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