Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp


Ten years strong, Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp has made a lot of dreams come true.  It’s an interesting concept and a chance to learn a few things from some music vets that you’d very rarely have an opportunity to meet let alone discuss technique. 

The LA Times has been printing first hand experiences from the camp which took place just over a week ago.  And here is a list of councelors including Slash, Paul Shaffer, Kip Winger, Simon Kirke, Spencer Davis (wow…you never hear anything about him) and my personal fav, Jeff “skunk” Baxter.  This seems to sum up the experience from Day 5’s entry:

With each band given just one live take and a short space of time in which to do it, we set up quickly and began to play. Unbelievably, Chris perked up and played extremely well, as did I. But just as the song was coming to an end, the band came unglued–my fault for not cueing off Chris, as was our custom.

And that was it. Here’s your record. Thank you very little. Or so we thought.

Stepping up as a really caring advocate for the group, (Mark) Slaughter demanded we get another take. And then the strangest thing happened. We performed the song great from start to finish, with Chris putting in such a stellar performance you would never have guessed his true condition. I was totally in awe of his professionalism.

To understand what he meant by “true condition” you’ll know when you read the first daily report.  There is also some audio (on Blabbermouth) of Slash talking about his experience this week among other things (like his new book).  FYI, the video posted on the article has been removed.

Billboard is reporting that the Camp will tour this coming summer and there is a talk of a possible TV show about the camp.


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