Michael Hutchence – 10 years gone


Looking over headlines today I was reminded that we are coming up on the tenth anniversary of the late INXS singer’s death – November 22, 1997.  TEN years?  Where has time gone?  I mean when the band gathered for that reality show (in 2005) it only felt like Michael had just left us.  I often wonder when or if we’ll ever see such a phenomenal front man again.  He was definitely special. 

Unfortunately the chaos that followed has only grown quiet.  Bob Geldof is now wanting to officially adopt Michael and Paula Yates’ daughter Tiger Lily and change her last name to Geldof.  Hard to know if the 11 year old truly wants the change or not.  The Age‘s article reminds us that Michael has yet to be appreciated for his musical accomplishments. 

I’m not sure why this is the case.  Perhaps it’s because we are as saddened by the aftermath of his death as we were to see his life snuffed out too quickly.   Maybe it will take a new generation to discover his music and charisma before he is properly remembered.

But let’s remember the good times with Michael!  I discovered INXS in college.  They were so musical and at the same time very sexy; downright cool.  That’s the way I want to remember Michael, the rockstar.  Think I’ll dig up some of my fav INXS tunes over the holiday weekend.  What better way to pay proper tribute?


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  1. Hard to believe it’s been ten years. Where does the time go?!

    I saw INXS open for Men at Work in ’82-’83, around the time Shaboo Shoobah came out. At the time I was into drummer Jon Farris way more than Michael Hutchence – but that totally changed when I caught the Kick tour in ’87. I remember my friend Elizabeth and I lusting after Hutchence throughout the show, and afterward she turned to me, fanning herself, and laughed, “Our boyfriends aren’t gonna know what hit ’em tonight, are they?!”

  2. me encanta michael
    apesar de ke pasa el tiempo de su muerte jamas muere

    no podre olvidarlo
    por ke al escuxar su musika
    es como ke reviviera


  3. Michael will always be in my heart!! He was a terrific singer, a sexxxxy front man and a fantastic writer! I miss him everyday. And hopefully someday I’ll get to meet the terrific man that he was in heaven.

  4. I was lucky enough to see INXS 3 times with Michael. I was into Tim until the KICK tour. Yowsa! I had heard of his sex appeal & thought he was “cute”, but he was SEXY and naughty and…Miss you very much Michael. Whenever a new CD would come out, I couldn’t wait until they would come to my city. There are songs that still make me misty when I think about how I never got to see how he was going to perform them. I really miss the beautiful man.

  5. I too was very lucky to see Michael in Southern California when INXS played the old Irvine Meadows in Orange County. Also I had the pleasure of meeting him before he died. He was a very sweet, quiet nice man, that changes into a very sexy man on stage. What a voice, what a performer. He was beautiful and sweet inside and out.

    I truly miss him even today. Have all INXS rare collectables also. Love that voice and miss the lovely person Michael truly was and still is in spirit.

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