Music adds the right ‘touch’


I would guess that many of you were somewhat aware of the CSS track used on iPod Touch commercials.  The band received quite a bit of blog buzz last year when the album containing “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex” was released.  One of my blogger friends raved about them to me more than once.

When I first saw the ad I thought “nice match” thinking how clever of them to pair the product with that particular song.  I don’t check out YouTube for much other than concert footage or videos by bands I’m checking out, so I was unaware of the story behind this commercial.  Kudos to Nick Haley!

It just goes to show you that all the buzz in the world doesn’t compare to just the right measure of media exposure.  The fact that the struggle is even harder for new bands is sad. 

Do you think that commercials, tv shows, etc. will continue to be ‘the’ place for the masses to discover new music?  Or will someone create a space that will draw people in the same way MTV did in it’s heyday?


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  1. The thing about music in commercials is it’s easy to get into a chicken vs egg situation. Sometimes commercials are a great means to get a song out there and spark further interest int he band itself. Other times, the song becomes a part of the product more than a product of the artists behind it. The Circuit City commercials come to mind where I can’t even listen to Just What I Needed anymore because it’s become more of a circuit city song than a Cars song.

    That ipod commercial had me far more interested in the song than the product, even though they were a prefect match for each other.

  2. You make a great points (chicken/egg and over-exposure), dreamrapper. It’s a hard call to make if you’re in the band’s position.

    Like BRMC won’t let their songs be used, but they’ve built up a solid fanbase, so that helps to sustain them. If I were a new band I think I’d probably risk selling my song. 10 years ago I probably would have said ‘no way’!

  3. Since I don’t get to listen to new music as much as I used to (can’t listen at work, usually don’t have time at home for “proper” listenings) I didn’t know anything about M.Ward until I heard him on that car commercial.

    Had it not been for that, I probably still wouldn’t know about him, so for that I am thankful. Probably not great for the auto manufacturer though, because I have no idea what vehicle they were shilling.

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