48 hours from Led Zep reunion


Do you feel the expectations weighing you down yet?

Well, it won’t be long…be patient.  And I’m sure the barrage of Zeppelin news will continue until we get firm news of a tour or a formal denial.  That decision may not be definite until the band plays their December 10th gig and see how they feel about it.

I’ve always been a supporter of Jason Bonham and really happy that he’s getting some press.  Loved his group Bonham and I’d love to see him find his niche at some point.  The Belefast Telegraph talked to him recently.  As far as the tour rumors, the LA Times has the latest.  I don’t agree with their speculation that this could lead to new music.  They compare the situation to recent Police and Eagles situations, but Led Zeppelin has always played by their own rules. 

I could see a tour before an album of new material.  And if you don’t really know much about the band, 10 Zen Monkeys will explain their importance in musical history.

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