Lazy Look at the Sunday papers


That crazy Courtney Love doesn’t give up, does she?  I feel for the reporter that was assigned this story by The Telegraph…waiting for Love to finish chanting, forced to listen to Love’s guru and then Courtney’s own babble.  I doubt the pay justified the gig. 

I wonder what it must be like to be Courtney’s publicist.   And would this be slightly one step above being Britney’s spokesperson?

The Guardian is where you should spend your time today.  They’ve printed The Observer’s Top 50 albums of 2007 and I’m impressed.  It’s possibly the most balanced list I’ve seen.  I’ll give you some hints:

  • Neon Bible IS NOT #1
  • Radiohead is listed above Arctic Monkeys
  • There is a fair amount of pop listed, but not enough to tilt the scales
  • Britney barely makes the cut

And what would we do without another Led Zeppelin article prepping us for the big show tomorrow night.  The Independent probably just wants to rub it in to all of us who can’t be there in person!


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