Foxboro Hot Tubs trumps Radiohead



Green Day may not be Radiohead, but I think they’ve trumped them in the way they’re giving away their new music.  They band has been known to don a different name now and then, so creating a new persona for an ep doesn’t seem like a stretch.  This time it appears to be under the name of Foxboro Hot Tubs and clearly has a 60s bent.

I luv, luv, luv promotions like this!  It’s fun, and best of all they aren’t making their fans jump through hoops to access the music.  It was reported earlier they had several songs sitting around.  These six probably worked together and someone thought of a great concept to go around them.  Now they’ll have people buzzing about them…and mostly for the music.  It’s nice to see an established band having fun and not making desperate attempts to stay relevant (both with regard to their music and its distribution).

You can download a zip folder on the site they’ve created to hear them for yourself at Foxboro Hot Tubs.  Don’t blame me if you can’t get the tunes out of your head today!


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