Breakout those Christmas mixes


If you’re like me and you don’t like to hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, you may be working to style some seasonal mixes.  If you keep a collection of Christmas tuneage up-to-date more power to you!

But if you could use a spark to get your holiday 2007 mix constructed, help is on the way:

  • Daily Evergreen lists some personal favs in all genres
  • A new Christmas release by The Smithereens is reviewed 
  • Blogger A. L. Harper has some varied suggestions (there are some great Amazon links that should be helpful at the bottom of her entry as well)
  • Cerritos College has a nice list of holiday music
  • And if you’re looking for something more unique and heartfelt, check out this independent offering from some Nashville musicians:   Holiday Noise MySpace ; as soon as I heard “Christmas Moon” I had to order this cd.  (The disc is reviewed here and visit their webpage for order details.)
  • NPR has a great list of new holiday music – and you can even listen to selected tracks

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