Dig this: Classic Bowie


I had a series of random thoughts this morning and decided to start a related series of posts.  Long story short I was thinking about how I could explain something to my niece when I know she’d never had an opportunity to experience old talk shows.

Do you vaguely remember the Mike Douglas (no, not Kirk’s son) show or Dick Cavet or Dinah Shore?  I don’t know the history of these shows; I simply grew up seeing them on TV.  It was years later that I found out Mike Douglas had once been a big band singer, at least for awhile.  And the same with Dinah Shore.  I never thought much about how or why they had their own shows. 

But this morning I thought about how that format was considered archaic by today’s standards.  Most of these shows brought together a few celebs at the same time.  They usually interacted unlike today where one late night guest leaves after their spot and hawks their latest movie and that’s it.  But celebrity was a different commodity in the 70s and 80s.

So every once in awhile I’ll dig up something from those vaults (thanks, YouTube) and we can have a laugh about what people were wearing or how existential they sound…trust me it will be a blast. 

I can’t think of anyone better to lead off this experiment than David Bowie.  In this clip he’s on the couch with Dinah, Henry Winkler (Fonzie) and Rhoda’s mom/Bounty paper towel lady:

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