Letterman makes strides with WGA



The current WGA strike has been fairly quiet over the past week or so, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been taking place.  David Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, has made an offer independently for his staff writers to return to work in January. 

Letterman has the distinct advantage of owning his show so an interim agreement is a definite possibility.  The NY Times has more details.  All I can say is leave it to Dave.  He’s got to be a great guy to work for and going to bat like this just backs that up.

It’s also interesting to note the Guild is pushing for individual negotiantions Which could bring a whole other set of issues to the table.  There are other programs looking into interim contracts, but they may have conflict of interest and need to work out a deal with their owners rather than an individual show basis.  We’ll know more later this week as we see what comes out of this new tactic.

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