‘Heroes’ fix – free of charge


If you’re still feeling a little short-changed from missing out on a full season of Heroes due to the WGA strike, I have a short-term fix for you.  Earlier this week Tim Kring and several cast members appeared at the Jules Verne Film Festival.  You’ll find photos and more by following this link.  But that’s not all – someone captured video of a collage of clips from unshown footage Kring brought.  It’s a preview of the next volume, Villains.  Check it out:

Also interesting is the fact that Kring mentioned on a G4 appearance that the original plan for Season 2 was to air THREE volumes.  We were treated to Chapter 2.   Villains (Chapter 3) was set to air the first part of 2008 with a short spring break (like they did last year) and then wrap up the season with Chapter 4.  As he mentioned, he’s not quite sure how they’ll sort it out once the strike is settled.  There’s too much up in the air.

Here what he had to say in the full series of G4 interviews: 

Part 1  :  Part 2  :  Part 3 


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