Best of Chicago Indie 2007


Greg Kot writes a music column in the Chicago Tribune that I check out weekly.  This week he lists his top Chicago Indie artists of the year. 

I was excited to see one of my favs coming in at #3.  I discovered them when they happened to be playing here in town at The Record Bar.  I would love for a bigger band to snap MAWRO up for an opening act so they could get a broader audience. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something new from Greg’s list:

10. David Singer, “East of the Fault Line”

9.   The Sea and Cake, “Everybody”

8.   Robbie Fulks, “Revenge!”

7.   Minsk, “The Ritual Fires of Abandonment”

6.   Frisbie, “New Debut”

5.   Powerhouse Sound, “Oslo/Chicago: Breaks”

4.   Effigies, “Reside”

3.   Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra, “Space & Time”

2.   Cool Kids and Kid Sister, no official release

1.   The 1900s, “Cold & Kind”


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