BRMC Christmas treats


The band rarely took breaks in their tour schedule once Baby 81 was released in May this year.  They’re still at it and most importantly still together.  😉

Lucky for us, they don’t mind taking time out for interviews now and then.  It’s nice to see new info revealed every so often as well.  That’s why I keep checking them out…that, and it helps to keep me occupied while I wait for another BRMC release!  Here are some recent interviews that include hints on what their next move may be:

  • Robert talks to Rave about being “faceless”
  • One of my blogger buddies interviews Robert & Pete for SUPERSWEET (wtg, Liane)
  • Time Off talks with Peter
  • This video clip from Download fest is a riot…check out the interaction between them as much as what they have to say (the answer to the last question is too funny) 

And the best is saved for last…there will be some sort of posting uploaded on Christmas Day to their website.  Robert’s note said something about a “surprise from Peter” – let’s hope it’s one of the tunes he’s been working on while on the road!


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