Featured Bands recap – 2007


I’m going to have to re-structure how I list these for the upcoming year, but for now I’ll list the bands that I’ve written about over the past three months.

December:  Cicada, The Displacements, David Spencer, Fanfarlo, Hybrasil

November:  Elle s’appelle, The Harrisons, The December Sound, Crystal Castles, Deadstring Brothers, Wooden Shjips

October:  The Envy Corps, The Satin Peaches, Los Campesinos!, Silverchair, The Wombats

2007 stats (based on country of origin):

  • 44% – United Kingdom
  • 38% – USA
  •  6%  – Canada
  •  6%  – Ireland
  •  6%  – Australia

Wow, I am really impressed that I had that many US bands.   I promise to throw in some Scottish bands next year.  😉  Next week will feature some highly tipped bands from Manchester.

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