Girl in a Coma



Today I was reminded of a band I ran across recently, Girl in a Coma.  I can’t even tell you how I found them, but coincidentally when I hit Spinner’s mp3 of the day, they are being featured.  I’m behind the curve on this one, but so glad I gave them a listen.  The band hails from San Antonio, TX.  Morrissey fans will know more about this…so feel free to enlighten me.  They were suppose to be on his last tour, but had to cancel.  I’m not sure if they had to cancel all their dates or not. 

Their debut album was released last May.  I know that’s why I missed out…I was too busy drowned in BRMC goodness.  😉  The girls are now set to open for Moz again – this time as he journeys to the UK for several dates in January and early February.  Has got to be a dream come true for them. 

I’d suggest you go over to their MySpace page to hear more tracks from their album “Both Before I’m Gone.”

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