Primal Scream update


We’ve been hearing their follow-up to Riot City Blues is in the making and I’ve been digging up bits of info to share.  The project is in the demo phase according to Bobby, who talked to Uncut.  They are reportedly shopping for the right producer.  I’ve been following the ‘Scream for awhile now and it never fails that when I hear this phrase it scares me.  But of all the bands I adore Primal Scream never disappoints. 

So back to more scoop…apparently Little Barrie plays slide on a track and CSS singer, Lovefoxxx, duets with Bobby.  Now for the tidbit the major fans have been waiting for – what sound or direction will the new album take the band.  According to Gillespie he’s claiming it will be a ‘pop’ vibe.

This just makes me want to break out all my Primal Scream tunes.  I’m just hoping it will be out before we wave goodbye to 2008!


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