Album pre-view: The Duke Spirit



It’s been months since The Duke Spirit admitted that their new album had been wrapped up and they gave us an EP (Ex-Voto) this fall to try and tide us over.  They even played some shows (which got very good reviews, btw). 

But now I’ve had it.

I am totally under the spell of their new single, “The Step and The Walk” and it won’t even be released until January 28th.  Oh, the torture.  Those crafty buggers are giving us a sampler of 7 tracks from the upcoming Neptune album that comes out next month.  

TDS worked on the album with producer Chris Goss and I think he was just the ticket to expanding this band’s potential.  I’ve been a fan since the first time I heard Cuts Across The Land.  They have such a perfect combination of sound and energy.

Neptune looks to be a natural extension of what they do best.   As you’ll notice from their website and new promo photos the band is shown displaying some earlier influences in a bold, in-your-face way.  Yet they’re able to keep their own identity.  Check out their Love Token micro-site where you’ll hear several album samples – “I Do Believe” also sounds like a stand out track.

Their current single was one they previewed on The Henry Rollins show several months back.  You can see the entire performance here.  Now it’s a waiting game…

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