BSP media blitz


bsp_rock.jpgWith the release of their third album (“Do You Like Rock Music” due Jan 14 in the U.K./Feb. 12 in the U.S.), British Sea Power is only gaining strength.  It seems they’re everywhere at the moment.  But no complaints about that!

We’re likely to see several more reviews and interviews and as we hear more tracks I think it’s safe to say anticipation is growing.  That is, for those of us waiting for the proper release.  😉

The Brighton-based group has offered up several tracks and goodies to keep you entertained in the meantime.  I especially recommend checking out the podcast and This is London interview.  They tell of moving a broken piano down a flight of stairs…what they won’t do to keep their quirky sound.

Here’s a listing as of this writing:

You may have seen last week the band announced a gig at the Czech embassy which will take place this Thursday (Jan. 10) for special guests and contest winners. They also have several radio session appearances scheduled including BBC Radio 1 and 6Music.


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