Indie rock photog, Autumn de Wilde



There is something special in taking a photograph and some are more gifted than others at capturing a moment.  You’ve probably seen several taken by Autumn de Wilde but may not have realized it.  The Decemberists’ photo above is one example.  She’s also responsible for the cover art on The White Stripes’ latest, Icky Thump.

Several years ago she met Elliot Smith and recently published a book about the musician simply called “Elliot Smith” from Chronicle Books.  That is one of the distinguishing marks of this artist – she puts her ‘subjects’ at ease to where they go from the classic “brick wall” background to something more personal and fitting.

There is a terrific article in the Boston Globe about the woman, her background and how she looks at life.  I can tell that she not only appreciates the music the artists produce, but Autumn seems determined to match their sound to a story of some kind.  She clearly sees things that aren’t evident to everyone.

If you go to her website you’ll find info about the book and many photos that you will recognize (Riloy Kiley, The White Stripes, Beck and Tegan & Sara).

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