Case 1: Glasvegas


[this is follow-up to my earlier Alan McGee post #2 of 3] 

Who hasn’t read something about this Glasvegas?  I have debated a couple of times whether to include them in one of my Featured Bands posts, but have decided each time that enough has been written about this young band. 

McGee seemed to make it his mission to plug these guys and shower them with praise.  That video is just one way he touted them.  Are they worth it?  You decide.

I like their overall sound and many other bands that make lush, rich and heavily influences JAMC-style music.  But when I made my way over to their myspace their sound didn’t stand out as much as I expected it would.  Was it because I had conjured up thoughts of greatness or excitement at hearing something I’d instantly fall in love with? 


When I stand back for a moment I think there are two possibilities:

1)  There is a ‘revival’ of sorts going on with this type of music.  When Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hit the scene it stood out more.  Now there are several other bands trying to take this style of music and add their own flavoring to the mix.  I can’t fault them, but it’s not anything new.  Let’s face it – at this point there isn’t much that’s new all on its own.

2)  No one appreciates being told what they should like and appreciate.  For some of the same reasons the Presidential primaries are so wide open, music consumers have been making their feelings known thru their own blogs, friends, downloads, and other various forms of recognition.  Our tastes are so varied that I’m not sure it’s possible for artists to become as dominant as they were even 10 years ago. 

I think a band’s other myspace friends, recommendations or who they tour with has more cred to me personally.


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