Case 2: lack of rock stars


[this is follow-up to my earlier Alan McGee post #3 of 3]

Face it; the number of true rock stars in the world today is dwindling.  And according to McGee’s latest diatribe, he thinks he’s found the next heir apparent:  meet Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons


I won’t deny there hasn’t been buzz on this NY band but, again, what’s up with the big talk?  Will this band be able to make it to iconic status?  Is that even possible anymore?  (Doesn’t he make you think of Jake Shears?)

Yes, I realize I’m asking a lot of questions today.  Nothing wrong with a little pondering now and again.  If you’re curious check out McGee’s article in today’s Guardian talking about this band.  Had the angle focused more on how the band gives away their music and sells jewelry I probably wouldn’t have written these three themed posts today.  WHAT does that have to do with “bringing rock back from the dead” as he puts it??????

It may be different or creative, sure.  Revolutionary?  Pleeeze.

[If you’ve read much of my blog you’ll know that I often get a (much-needed) laugh from comments and the Guardian article has some doozies.  Be sure to take a look…they range from reminders that Alan McGee also hailed Three Colours Red as the next big thing to ripping him for saying we need to get back to the “glory days”…good stuff.]

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