Topic: Is Alan McGee still relevant?


[This is the first in a series of 3 related posts today]


It’s not that I think McGee has got old (aren’t we all?)  But I question whether he is still a true trendsetter or tastemaker as he once was bringing a plethora of talent to our attention via Creation Records in particular.

He’s still making the rounds and letting us in on his picks for new talent, but should we be listening?

The last couple of news bits where I’ve heard from him involved would be The Charlatans free single and album (spearheading the cry that labels are dinosaurs) and the declaration of his love of the band Glasvegas.  Somehow I just don’t know if he will stand the test of time like Bill Graham or John Peel.

Am I wrong?

[More related posts to come today on the topic.]


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  1. Not at all, Jeff. McGee founded Creation Records and well-known for bringing Oasis to the world. Very active in the Britpop/90s music scene in particular.

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