Coldplay info leaks


The press must be itching for something to talk about as the new Coldplay album won’t be released for a few months yet.  But here I am posting about it.  The track listing has ‘leaked’ and the date of May 19 is being bantered about.  As of this post there is nothing even addressing it on Coldplay’s website.

What I did discover while doing a little checking was a transcription of the write up Q did on the band.  It’s the edition with the band on the front and touting the “10 Best  New Acts of the New Year.”  Read it if you dare.

Eno is sort of a wildcard for them – will this album truly be ‘experimental’ for the band?  Or does working with the producer make the band feel that it’s different from their other recordings?

And this brings to mind another (yet seemingly unrelated) question:  What is it with all these male singers sounding like Chris Martin?  Seriously – what is the deal? 

If you’re interested in the tracklisting – go to NME.  


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