Here and there


Ack.  What a drab day (and it’s just Wednesday)!  Expecting more snow tonight – I believe the local weather gurus said this will be our 14th snow event of the season.  That ties us with all of last year.  And we still have several weeks of winter to go.  Must plot a vacation getaway.

In the meantime, I’ve run across a few items to pass along today.  Maybe you’ll find something of interest.

::Kylie::  How can I not think of Dennard (a blogger buddy who was taken from us much too soon) when I see or hear Kylie’s name?  I actually took the time to check out this interview from an Australian morning show.  (It’s broken down into 2 short segments and the second one loads as soon as the first one wraps up.)  Side note – I wonder if we will get her to pen a book about her own life? 

::Spinner album streams::  New year, new releases.  You can listen to full-lengths from Dirty on Purpose, The Whigs, Magnetic Fields and Ringo.  I’d been curious about Magnetic Fields so I’ll have no excuse now, right? 

I already listened to most of the new Ringo album this morning and it’s better than I expected.  I shouldn’t have read any reviews before listening to it.  You either like Ringo or you don’t – I’m in the ‘like’ camp.  The talkover bits that he’d done on the last couple of releases have disappeared.  Good decision.  Liverpool8 strikes me as being more musical and if you can get past references to his own hits it’s worth a listen. 

::Bob Mould::  MSNBC printed a short interview with Bob yesterday.  It’s a little general, but nice to see this interview in an unexpected place (not a music ‘zine).  Looking forward to District Line which comes out in 2-3 weeks.


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