Get to know: Liam Finn


lf_07.jpgIf by chance you haven’t heard of Liam Finn (or his music) yet, I can assure you’ll be hearing the name quite a bit over the next few months.  Yes, he is Neil Finn’s son.  And the music press seem to adore him already.  His demo-style album, I’ll Be Lightning, will be released tomorrow in the States and he’s due to promote it for several months.

Get ready for the onslaught.

 It seems like a lot of folks are counting on this as being an artist that will appeal to a wide audience.  Billboard and Rolling Stone have touted him as an artist to watch. 

Lead track, “Second Chance” has received exposure on KCRW and it (along with 4 other tunes) can be heard on Liam’s myspace.  His music has a stripped-down feel and when he tours he will only have a back-up singer with him.  You can’t get much more bare-bones than that.

Liam will be opening for Pela on a few gigs prior to SXSW and looks like he’ll be playing every day of the festival.  Well, after all…SXSW is now a label showcase!


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